Friday, February 04, 2011

Reunion Steamboat!

Had our reunion steamboat a few days before Chinese New Year before everyone started getting busy and started leaving.

Preparations were pretty last minute. But it was because we thought it was best to buy the things just before we went to Jenny's house. I didn't have much space in the fridge the day before because my mum was occupying 100% of the fridge.

So the 3 of us went to Econsave to buy the ingredients. I was shocked to find that the Wombok and Golden Mushrooms are no longer there! I went to Econsave the day before to make a survey and both were in abundance. I guess you shouldn't try to mess with housewives before CNY. Best to stock up on both before it's too near the big day.

This is our soup base! Added chicken stock cubes, dried scallops, half of a cabbage, red dates, wolfberries and mushrooms. I think everyone would agree that it was delicious!

Then we cleaned and put the fish balls and other things onto plates. ^.^ Thanks a lot to Jenny's mum who helped us prepare when we snucked out to Carrefour to get golden mushrooms and 100 plus. 

Kelvin, Jenny's brother joined us for dinner. Haha.. no free meals in this world. Of course he had to work for it. He was the bartender of the day! 


 What do girls do when they get together in groups? Camwhore of course!! Here are just some of the photos we took.

Bee looks lovely as usual. ^.^

Huiling, Lihfong and Woantyng!

Janice joined us later because she got caught up at work. ^.^ 

Group photo taken by Kelvin with Jenn's mum in the background. 
Jenny has the sweetest dog ever: Lucky! He is the cutest sweetest old dog in the world. Love him to bits.

Two of my favourite cuties~ 

Jenny forcing Lucky to diet to fit into this. >.< 
There were 9 of us and we couldn't finish this! But we almost finished 6 pieces of maggi mee! I shouldn't say we coz I didn't eat any of it. lol. Even my mum was shocked that the instant noodles left wasn't that much.

Love you guys! Hope we can have more reunions! Really had a good time. Muacks! 


Anonymous said...

Wahh... Steamboat...! I wanna makan steam boat also... =/ BTW, what's Wombok?

Sharon said...

U can organize in Manchie~~ I always had hotpots in aus too! Wombok is chinese cabbage or 'pek chai'.

Anonymous said...

omg ron!! I love ur blog now..hahaha...keep it going ok!!! More more pics!


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