Friday, February 04, 2011


Finally got photos out from my camera. Just a tiny bit late. =D This was a short outing with Jenny and Huiling. We went to the pasar malam at night and I bought nice hair accessories! 

Waiting for Jenny outside the jetty and saw this 'poster'. Was informed by Tsu that it was made by KaKi Creative. Good job! I really like it. It's cute. ^.^ 

My feeble attempt to try to photograph a mosque from inside Jenny's car. 

Jenny's car accessory~ 

View from 1st Avenue's parking space. 


Old style Kopitiam. 


Huiling and Sharon! 

Jenny in the background. >.< 


Anonymous said...

The poster design looks nice and cute in a way... But I didn't quite like the colour that they used... The blue seemed a little washed-out to me, and the green... Well, it should be a deeper and stronger green in my opinion... A more 'greener' green... This green looks a little... dull + dirty?

Sharon said...

Might be because of my camera or different screens. But it's kinda like a baby green. Cute and fresh kinda green. ^.^

Anonymous said...

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