Friday, February 04, 2011

The Abyss

Had a field time reminiscing about the drama team I was in in 2004 on the trip home from Alor Setar. I have always had a pleasant memory of the times we had. Somehow this time I could remember the more unpleasant aspect of the experience.

Disappointment, betrayal, being doubted, abandonment, rotten politics. It seems so fresh in my mind. It almost overshadowed the happier times we had together.

The drama team was never about all that. About getting to the top or doing anything it takes to win. I have always felt it was about a group of friends who had something to do after school (and a reason to skip classes!) and working together towards a goal. The times we shared practising, making props and most importantly eating (I think I put on a lot of weight that year thanks to the countless nasi lemak breaks and KFC trips)! Those were the good times.

I still remember the bus trips we made. This was before any of us had driving licences. The beginning, where it all started. We bought material for the costumes for the more eccentric characters, spray paint and other props. And we camped at my house shredding cloth to make the costumes for the witch, cat and the dark elements (I forgot what they were called already. hahaha.. I think it's Weileng and Etyng's characters).

I still remembered how I got the idea to include a witch into the story. It was during the prefect marching practice. I just had this idea and the script started to get better from there. We had a bland story about love between father and daughter before that. It gave us a lot of room for more creativity. The spells and also more extravagant props.

I am really glad that we managed to advanced to nationals. It gave us more time to spend with each other, practising and working hard. Through all those times, we became fast friends. Now, we seem to have drifted apart. Some of us still keep in touch with each other and that's what matters I believe.

It's impossible I guess to keep all the friends you have had from before. Still, I am happy for all the times we have had. I hope the memories will remain happy and not corrupted by some of the sadder aspects of the drama team.


Anonymous said...

I remember the drama times... Its been such a long time ago... Haha... Back in Form 4... Ah, the memories...

Anonymous said...

Talking about bus trips, I remember the times where me and my friends took bus to go to Penang to hang out... Took bus to jetty... Took the ferry, was 60sen only that time if I remember correctly... Then from Penang side jetty, take the bus again, to Prangin, Bukit Jambul or Midlands One Stop... During then, there's no Rapid Penang yet... Haha... And it kinda seemed like some mini adventure when we were young...


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