Friday, January 14, 2011

Ipoh road trip

Went on a one day road trip with Jenn, Huiling and Irene when I first got back. =^.^= my wish to go to Ipoh for food came true! Thanks guys!

We drove to Ipoh in Jenny's trusty Kelisa. First stop of the day was Purple Cane Tea House. We were starving when we arrived. Thanks to google maps being only 90% accurate.

As there were only 4 of us, we didn't order much as it was supposed to be a foodie trip but it turned out differently in the end.

Noodles that tasted good. =) 

Sweet potato balls! Really wish there are easily available in Penang 

Avoid this. >.<
The tea house had really nice interior design. Good place to camwhore. =D

Then we went shopping! It was the highlight of the trip. >.< Got some good deals at the shopping centre. Can't recall the name though. 

Did some touristy stuff after that. Bought the salty herbal chicken and had bean sprout chicken rice without the bean sprout. 

Fish and meat balls we had for lunch~ 
Then we went to a bakery nearby to get kaya puffs and salted egg pastry.

Shopping, instead of food became the highlight of this trip but nobody's complaining, especially not me. Went to this other mall that had Jusco. It was Jusco card member day and there were tonnes of people. Ipoh residents show their extraordinary ability to park at places you never thought you could leave your car. Ipoh drivers are really something different. *wink wink* 

Last stop of the day was Strawberry Moments. Verdict is: Overrated. The interior of the shop and the presentation was really really good. Even the food looks good. But in terms of taste, wasn't that impressive. Good if you want to go somewhere with good ambiance and to take photos. The food is just so-so.

Strawberry Struddle

Chocolate Cake 

Some strawberry drink
Drove back to Butterworth after that. It was a really great trip. ^.^ I think all of us had lots of fun and it wasn't too expensive too. 

Hopefully our Melaka trip will happen. 

PS: photos are taken by Jenny and Irene with their iPhone 4s! 


Anonymous said...

did you go and eat the Nga Choy Kai (beansprout chicken)?? You should! Its damm nice! Ipoh's speciality! And eat with plain Ipoh Hor Fan soup! =D

Sharon said...

haha.. I did but without beansprouts. >.< ate with the rice. The rice was very fragrant. My friend had the hor fan soup and it wasn't that nice.

Bee said...

Kaya kok very nice! Hmmmm! Yummmyy

Anonymous said...

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