Friday, November 26, 2010


Yes I know.. My blog is practically dead. hahaha.. I have come to revive you, one of the countless blogs I have abandoned. Seems like blogs are starting to become like those daily planners that I buy in the beginning of the year and abandon after a few months.

I think I'll try to update it more frequently since I'll be going to places soon. ^.^ But sometimes it's a dilemma of whether I should write down my thoughts on the blog because it feels too public here.

I'm going for a trip with my parents this weekend. I'm pretty excited about it since I've planned it almost completely.

Every year I would write down a list at the beginning or end of the year to just recap what I've achieved and what I want to achieve. I discovered there were so many things that I've written down but haven't stuck to. Things just get forgotten after they were written down, just like those diaries/journals. But this year, I will try to set some long term goals and review them monthly or fortnightly. I feel like most of the things that get done are the sudden urges that hit me and I just start planning/working on it.

I guess if I write things down and say to myself, I'll do this soon, I'll do this next week, then things won't really get started.

For 2011, I have a really pretty daily journal. Hopefully I will write in it till the end of the year.

This year I guess I am thankful for having my bf and friends who are always supportive and caring and getting through everything. I would like to start next year off right. ^.^ Wake up optimistic and go to bed content.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Retro camera

I just downloaded a really cool app on my phone. I'm really happy and excited about it. Have been taking photos in my room with it. Mostly of my laptop and the window. 

Because of the Froyo update, I am falling in love all over again with my phone. It's a bit faster now after the update and I've been downloading a few more apps to add to my phone because with the new Android, some apps can be moved to the SD card, freeing some phone space. But only some... beggars can't be choosers I guess. That's the only thing that's a bit irksome about my Desire, the phone storage is really not that great and having an SD card doesn't really change much coz most apps are installed in the phone memory. Hate it when I can't download more apps because the phone space is getting full. 

Finally had a chance to take some photos outdoors. Took some photos in the Fenner grounds when I was cooking dinner. I think they look quite gorgeous. But they look extra gorgeous in my phone. A bit pale when transfered into the computer. 

Retro camera has a few cameras and they're basically different effects that's applied to the photo after it's taken.  

FudgeCan is one of my favorite and the first photo is taken with the FudgeCan. 

This was taken with the Barbl and is in black and white mode. I like this photo the most. 

The rest are taken with little orange box. ^^ I think you can't go wrong with this one. 

Now I can be artsy fartsy too. =P 

Monday, November 01, 2010


Just wanted to share a poem here. It's written by Jewel in her book 'a night without armor'.

Second Thoughts in Columbus, Ohio

I find it strange that we search
our wholes lives for love 
as though it were the final treasure
the solemn purpose of people 
in movies and magazines. 
Yet when it comes to your door 
one morning with calm eyes to deliver itself 
you realize it alone is not enough

You are before me, sweet man, 
and I am thinking 
Aren't I supposed to give up
Aren't I supposed to be brave 
and abandon
each dream and aspiration
and yield utterly to this 
elusive beast love, 
to your soft belly and companionship? 

Aren't we supposed to 
have a piece of land-and children!-
that look like you, and cook
soup and bread and sing
each other songs before sleep 
and absentmindedly count the stars 
from our front porch as we pray 
for each other's keep
and pretend 
forever is a word known
not only by the heart? 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

post op

Had my eye surgery today. Finally, after 2 whole months of a 2nd cyst. It was actually quite a traumatic experience. I vow to take better care of my eyes and health in general from now on. =)

Taken after the surgery

I am very grateful to the wonderful nurses at the Canberra Eye Hospital for making me feel comfortable and welcomed during the whole ordeal. The whole surgery probably took less than 15 minutes. And I had the most heart-warming cup of tea after the surgery~ Thanks Wendy and Virginia~~ And also thanks to Dr. Lawin-Brussel. 

And special thanks to Yean Tat for coming with me and bringing me home. <3 I look so ugly in that photo. T.T We had lunch at Iori after that~ Yay~~ 

Made a fluffy mound of mashed potatoes for dinner. I was too lazy to cook anything elaborate. =D

It's 8.16pm now and I'm too lazy to do anything. T.T 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nigella Fever

Had Nigella fever last week. Made three of her recipes in one week.

I made her cupcakes with royal icing first. They were really good. And it was the first time I succeeded in making icing. ^^ But I'm terrified at the amount of sugar that is needed in making icing.

The cupcakes I made were not as nice as the ones that Nigella made. They were lopsided and didn't rise evenly. =( I am going to make another batch soon I hope! I love the cupcakes, they smell so divine thanks to the vanilla that goes in. 

Then I made Vietnamese Shrimp Noodle Salad. =D 

It's really good as well. But not very filling though. I got hungry after like 2 hours. =( But I love bean sprouts and the sugar snaps. 

The last recipe is a special gift for a birthday. I made chocolate cheesecake for Wj's b'day yesterday. 
I think it's quite good. But the next time I make it I will probably put a little less sour cream. 

Been addicted to eating cereal lately. It's called milo in M'sia but in Aussie, it's called nesquick. And when I was looking for it, the milo in Aussie is actually koko krunch. It's pretty funny.

Took this photo during Wj's birthday party. I really had lots of fun at the party and I really enjoyed the company of the people there not to mention the awesome food. Hope to have more awesome times before I graduate. 

Took these when walking to the school of music for gelato.

I am eating cereal again. Feel so famished even though I ate dinner. =( 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Robocup 2010

I volunteered again for Robocup this year. Was really fun. ^^ and I got a thank you gift and lunch which is a neat bonus.

Was in charge of judging the dance section again this year. The kids were really creative and cute. And i got flowers for helping out~ yay~~ ^^ Thanks to Cal/Kel (?), my co-judge who was awesome. 

This is victory smurf looking out at the dance floor. 

This is the winner for the dance category. Star Wars~ Last year they had pirates. Both big on theatrics and props and robots fighting each other. 

There were other groups that were really good. All the kids had a good time and I sure did. Thanks to Samantha from the College of Engineering and Computer Science for asking again.

My phone camera kinda sucks. The photos look ok in the phone but not so good when it's on the computer. =( Hopefully I will get a camera soon.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Rocky Road

Made aglio e olio pasta today. Been craving for it. It's yummy and easy to make! I remember mc told me about this before.

I kinda got depressed for a few things, bills, assignments and accompaniment. Been listening to my songs on shuffle. Love how the unexpectedness of the sequence of the songs manage to make me a little less agitated. Currently playing is a violin song by Vanessa Mae.

Mc should have arrived in Sweden and started discovering a new life for herself. lol. I miss u dearie and you are always in my thoughts.

I'm using this app from my phone to blog but I can attach one photo on one post. bummer~

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Monday, August 02, 2010

For my MC

Sorry for not updating. I wanted to update but I just kept procrastination and not taking photos and so in the end I didn't blog for awhile. hahah. I'm making excuses.

MC is gonna fly off to Sweden tonight and I wish her all the best. Will be anticipating exciting stories about her adventures in Sweden.

On another note, I promise I will blog more frequently from now on.

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Monday, March 01, 2010


Today is the first day of the second week of uni. Last week was fun. 

Thursday was Fenner Hall's commencement dinner. 

PG Engineering ppl...

Dinner at Fenner Hall on Friday. 

Took this photo at the airport. 

Me and my mum 

And this is me and bee... living together for a few days. =D

Bee and me~ 

Anyway, she's found a place to stay already and has left. =( I'll miss her alot. T.T 

Hahah.. my blog is getting less and less wordy... 

Monday, February 22, 2010


Got up earlier than needed. Went to uni anyway and to the engineering building computer lab. On the white board it was written: WELCOME 2 HELL.

Welcome to hell indeed...

Monday, February 08, 2010


Blogger is making me feel frustrated. My post font sizes have suddenly become micro. =( Someone tell me what happened? T_T I can't seem to fix it so that it will be like how it used to be.

Seems like the problem only occurs on the home page... =.= I have no idea what happened and what's wrong. =/ Just gonna hope it'll get back to normal on its own. 

Sunday, February 07, 2010


hmmm.. I can't believe that even when I thought I could grasp the darkness in a human's heart.. I haven't truly understood the full extend of how twisted someone could be. It's sick.. and sad..

My first post for quite some time and it starts out emo.

Going back to Canberra soon. Feel kinda sad and unwilling to go back. =( Last week of work this week and the next week is Chinese New Year already. Times passes really quick..

Today's gathering is sort of a success I guess. I think everyone had a good time. Will post pics when i get them. =D

Can't wait for MeeChea to be back from Singapore. I miss her so much. Tzeyin's gonna leave for Tasmania tmr. Praying for her safety and happiness. ^^

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


"Being deeply loved someone gives you strength, While loving someone deeply gives you courage." Lao Tzu

I like the stuff that Lao Tzu says more and more. hahah.. >.<>

Saturday, January 23, 2010


As everyone can see, I am slacking in blogging.. :D

New Zealand holiday post : not done
Singapore trip : not blogged
Various outings with high school friends : not blogged

That's not gonna change anytime soon though. hehehe..

Been trying to read more since I came back but the rate of buying books has far exceeded the rate of reading those books. A new book I just bought is "What your Teacher Didn't Tell You, The Annexe Lectures Vol. 1" which is basically a compilation of lectures that Farish A. Noor delivered in Central Market. I would have loved to be in the audience.

I'm still half way through the book but it's a really interesting read. To simply put it, the book is about the history of our nation and how what happened in the past shaped the country we now live it. It's refreshing to see it from this point of view.

I would encourage anyone who loves or hates Malaysia to read it. :D

As most of my friends would know, I'm working as an industrial trainee in an electronics firm. And work can sometimes get a bit slow and we interns are left with a lot of time on our hands. :D

I've just discovered a wonderful thing on the internet. It's called Read Print. It's quite addictive (for reading enthusiasts). I would have read tonnes of books by the end of my training. XD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lao Tzu

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.”

Read this quote in a book of quotes I saw in borders. Lao Tzu's philosophy is interesting and practical. Am gonna read up about it. ^^

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Pretty words

"You are beautiful...when you let friends have their space, when you believe, when you laugh, or are moved to tears, when you let it just roll right off your back, when you talk about your dreams, when you help a turtle across the road, when you try to do the right thing even when it comes out wrong, when you love." Anonymous


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