Monday, August 31, 2009


Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalik

Friday, August 28, 2009

Breathing space

I think this marks the end of one of the hectic phases this semester. There's more to come. Just submitted the Control assignment and LEGO report. Gotta work on the Robotics assignment now. It's due Monday so bye bye weekend relaxation. LOL. Not that that's anything different from usual.

I'm going to run out of books to read soon. There are actually several books that i've yet to read. I think i have this bad habit of buying books and not having the interest to actually finish it. >.< I guess I should read The Great Gatsby next coz it got praises from Murakami. Gotta read it for myself.

I hope everything goes back to normal soon.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Victory Gin

Was planning a victorious post for today.. but i guess it wasn't meant to be. Kinda lazy to blog now.. hahahahh.. will elaborate later.

But anyway, i want to thank my group members for all the effort that we all put in. Even though in the end things didn't turn out as well as we wanted it to, but it's worth it i guess? I'm trying console all of us. >.<

Our report has gotta be awesome. hehehehe...

And thanks to wengjin for borrowing me his camera. His camera totally pawns mine. =(

DaiXi, Chin Ming, Wan Keen & me.

Thanks for the awesome work guys. Really had fun doing this project with you guys. ^^

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I'm in uni to work on my robotics project. =/

Why can't I have a normal sunday filled with laundry, assignments, studying and doing nothing? T__T

And now i'm waiting in the cold for someone to come and let me in the Engineering Building. hahah.. scrap that. going to BnG. weee~~

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dilemma

To bare with hunger or be satiated?

Friday, August 14, 2009

You should never be with someone who makes you feel inadequate.

Hahaha.. There's been a lot of chatter about plastic surgery i feel... There are various reasons why ppl would want to do plastic surgery but i think trying to change yourself for someone else is only going to be harmful in the end..

I am not against plastic surgery. Still learning to love myself and everything that comes with it...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Measure of a man

“I shave, sir. I have a driver’s license. I’ve won a couple of fist fights. I’ve saved a life. I have lain with woman. I’ve been hustled at pool, I’ve defied my father’s wishes. I have broken hearts and I have been heart broken. So by all the markers of this society I am a grown man.”

Dr. Clark Edison

Cute, whimsical retort when asked if he was a full-grown scientist. My favorite part is: I have broken hearts and I have been heart broken.

Have i broken a heart to be a fully qualified person? =)

Short update..

exactly how i feel right now.... =D

something (i used to have) in the deep trenches of my heart...

Thursday, August 06, 2009


I had trouble sleeping last night. Had this massive headache and I think I had a fever. At that time i was thinking, omg i'm gonna die... But at the same time, i was thinking : Go immune system! Go white blood cells! Rid me of sickness~!

I don't know if this 'theory' is right or not but fevers are you're body's mechanism to fight germs (viruses n stuff). So actually those micro organisms don't cause fever, fever is induced by the body. Hahahah... Maybe bee can care to correct this point of view.

I was a volunteer at the ACT Robocup Junior. There were 3 categories of competitions, rescue, soccer and dance. Rescue is basically the robot following the line on the floor and reaching the goal. The programming that the kids could do is really impressive.

Soccer is pretty cool too. 2 robots playing soccer with an IR emitting ball. hahaha.. I was one of the judges for the dance competitions. hahaha.. Quite cool... but boring as well.

It was all good fun and i got a $50 co-op voucher. weee~~ hahahah..

Everything is back to going well i guess. And another weekend is coming. Time passes really quick. =/ It's really scary.


The book i'm currently reading (my bed time story) is Self by Yann Martel. I read his other book Life of Pi and it was a really good book. So i thought this shouldn't be too bad and it wasn't. LOL.

The last part that i was reading, he/she got raped and it was quite graphic. The part I can't really digest is that ppl who rape thinks they can get a way with it. And they really get away with it because the victim is to distraught and confused to make a police report. I was really in disbelief after reading that.

Well, it can be argued that this is just fiction but I can understand where it's coming from... So i guess this kinda shit really DOES happen, which sucks. Maybe if i'm in that situation i wouldn't be able to make a police report either.. But this is just wrong. He should pay for what he did. HMPH.

This is the end. Till next time, toodles!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Last week i felt like i was a lucky person and i had a pretty good week. Now i feel my life sucks. =(

Is sick and have some commitments tmr, so i'm hoping i'd get better soon. Like really SOON. It's not H1N1 no worries. I don't have a fever, body ache, etc. Just having slight sore throat and coughing.

It's not easy to see a doctor here. Usually you have to make an appointment which will be a week later. Means if i make an appointment today, i'd get to see the doctor next week. Quite pointless right?

So i went around googling about how to treat cough with 'home remedies'. And i found this website.

9 Useful Home Remedies for Cough

It's quite informative. I made myself ginger tea today.. gonna drink some hot milk with honey before i go to bed tonight. Hopefully it'll speed up recovery. *keeps fingers crossed*

WHY didn't i get sick during week 1 and week 2?? Assignments, tutorials, everything is starting to pile up. =(

Hope my week will get better soon.

Monday, August 03, 2009


I turned 21 this year. And most of my friends have turned or are turning 21 this year. So, is this the threshold of adulthood, turning 21?

What does it actually mean to be an adult? Being able to pay bills, provide for you and your family, getting a job, etc etc? Or does it mean to understand the 'realities' of life and face life with utmost coldness and mistrust?

I still feel like a kid, appearance-wise and nothing has really changed it seems. (But i'm 1.5 years away from graduating and being injected into the 'real world')

The older we get, the more we know that sometimes things just aren't fair and we get hurt by the ppl we call our friends and by the ppl we trust and respect.

I guess this is what it means by being an adult. To never take things at face value and never to just trust what we hear, even when it comes from ppl we think we can trust/who are our friends.

The truth is I hate all this shit and wish we didn't have to distrust the ppl we meet but on the other hand, I accept that this is what happens most of the time and distrust. Contradicting stuff.

When applying for part time jobs in Malaysia, it's normal to lie about how long you're gonna work there. Most of the time, ppl lie and nobody appreciates honesty. Ironically, ppl who lie gets hired and the boss has to deal with the situation that they want to avoid the most. Hmph. Ironic.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tiger Lilies

Just got back from the tiger lilies performance/concert/whatever. It was mad entertaining. They are a really good band. The singer/pianist/guitarist/accordionist was awesome. The bassist/back-up singer/weird string instrument that makes scary scooby doo sounds was awesome. The drummer/comedian/mental patient let loose was awesome.

They ended the performance with Autumn Leaves. ^^ i was happy. All the songs were really good. The type of music I really like. Hock Chai should have come with us!

Overall a very good show. =D I enjoyed it a lottt!

I got a CD but i'm not sure if i made the right choice. Should be good.

hahaha.. that's all. i should go to bed. toodles!


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