Friday, July 31, 2009

Special update

I think this week is kinda a good week.

Got the volunteer position at the Robocup held in ANU next Thursday. Kinda excited bout that. ^^ Hope to have lots of fun and observe and learn to help in the robotics project.

Gonna watch tiger lilies this Sunday with Jack and Bee. I think it's gonna be good. Watch this. Should be good. >.< I saw the pamphlet at the gelato place in Melbourne and the show is showing in Canbie. woohoo!

Had steamboat just now. Very full... hahahah... And had watermelon and macadamia with mango and cream ice cream after. Think i'm gonna get a tummy upset tonight. @_@

Hmmm... i bought lots of curry packets. hahah.. excited to cook that soon. And spinach fettucine and carbonara sauce!

This is the first time i bought lots of snacks when grocery shopping i bought 'se zai' (snakes) gummies. Yday our mentors from Accenture brought us sweets to munch on during the meeting. I really like the snake gummies. <3

Hahahaha... That is the end of my pointless update. teehee..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

i made a car

i managed to build a car to show off to bee. :D hahah.. the maximum of my capabilities so far. How to design a robot that climbs walls??? =(

Gonna try connecting the RCX to the tower again. Bracing myself for another hang...


Trying to connect my RCX to the InfraRed tower and my laptop hanged on me thrice already! Fuck u stupid software!

Am trying to find some way to resolve this problem. My teammates have encountered similar problems..

This project is really hard, even harder than i thought! =(

Bane of my existence. =(

Friday, July 24, 2009

3rd Semester

I got my control system textbook today. ^^ Quite happy about it.

Gonna have some interesting stuffs going on this semester but it still hasn't started to be overwhelming yet but i think it's gonna get overwhelming soon. Like last semester, i'm just gonna be taking 3 courses. Hopefully i can maintain my marks.


Added on 25 July

Have a project (should call it a race) due in 4 weeks. Quite worried bout this one. =/ Got this crazy business project that i'm really scared of coz of my lack of original ideas and social skills. =(

Just the first weekend and i'm feeling burned out already. Must. pull. self. together..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kay Kay

Pearls of wisdom: the problem with girls in shitty r'ships is that they forget their self-worth.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I think this blog entry is worth sharing with everyone. It's from Xiaxue.

The Best Decisions

For now, I think one of the best decisions I've made is coming to ANU.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


"Typical man, promises everything until he gets what he wants."
Abby Scuito
NCIS Season 2 - Hometown Hero

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Just got back from Melbourne on Sunday. Thanks to E-Thing for the hospitality and the company. ^^

First day there was shopping and eating in the city. Had breakfast then had coffee at Max Breener.

i had cappuccino. i love cappuccino.

bee and her suckao.
It's basically milk and chocolate 'chips'. Melt the chocolate into the milk and suck. =p

Max Breener is supposedly famous for its chocolate stuff. We were planning to go there again for some other chocolate drinks but didn't manage to make the time for it in the end.

We bought a number of clothes in the city and Smith St where all the warehouse stores are. Couldn't find anything nice in the nike and adidas shops though.

On day 2 we went to Monash University where E-Thing studies and had hainanese chicken rice at Kotaraya. It was yummy and cheap too! Just $25.50 for 3 ppl. For aussie standard, it's very cheap. =(

For dinner we went to Lygon St., it's called Little Italy because it has a lot of Italian restaurants. We went to Notturno and shared a pasta and risotto.

Penne Salmone. Tastes really good. Just creamy enough without being too creamy. =p

Bee, E-Thing and me starring at the mango smoothie.

Had gelato at Il Dolce Freddo. ^^

For the first time in my life i couldn't finish ice cream/gelato. @_@
Hence the disgruntled look in the photo. LOL.

Ended the night drinking bourbon and coke and eating snacks. =D

Day 3 we went to Chadstone, the hughest mall in South East Asia, i think we only walked like a quarter of it. I bought this really cute blazer there but made quite a dent in my wallet. @_@

E-Thing cooked porridge for us and ate it with Chaosansi, this canned food with shredded pork and bamboo shoots. All three of us love porridge. Heheheh.. ^^ Usually when porridge is mentioned ppl will have this cringe face. LOL.

On the last day, we had to wake up really early like at around 4.30am to catch a bus at 5.45am. Took a virgin blue flight (which bee officially loves) back to canberra. End of story.

We didn't really do much in Melbourne most because it was just 2 of us and because we decided to cut the trip short. I want to go to Melbourne again and visit all the tourisy places like Great Ocean Road and see penguins in Phillip Island. Let's go melbourne next semester k? =D

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Been playing lots of DS games lately. And just downloaded a PSP game called echochrome. Recommended by buddy. It's quite interesting and different. I don't really like RPGs and stuff like that. I like puzzle games and fun games. hahaha.. Will convince someone to lend me their PSP teehee~ But now i'm gonna concentrate on playing DS games.

I bought a really cute casing for my DS. But the casing is for a DSi, so the size didn't really fit. The employee at the place LIED to me. hmph. I settled it anyway, so now the casing fits lik a glove (almost).

reduced to taking photos with webcam coz cameraless.

I'm totally excited bout going to Melbie tomorrow. Me and bee are gonna go eat lots of stuff in Melbourne city mwahahahah.. ^^

Monday, July 06, 2009


Who presumes
To make honey
Without sharing the bee's fate?
Profound Thought No. 13
The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery
Translated from French by Alison Anderson

I interpret this as meaning that some people think that they are above things. Things that are filthy or dirty.... But these things are part of what we are, part of us being human. And people think that just because they are richer, more educated, better looking, more religious they can escape that..

I think i didn't really portray my thoughts correctly but this is the best i can do. ^^ The book is great. Recommended reading. =D


"When love is in excess it brings a man no honour nor worthiness."

Criminal Minds, Season 1 - Broken Mirror (Gideon)

After i heard this quote i was thinking, is this true? what does it mean? Then i think i sort of got it. How true...

The episode was about an obsessive psycho guy who is in love with a pair of twins.


I decided to put quotes that i like on this blog since i think it's more meaningful this way instead of putting it on plurk or as an msn pm. Actually i decided this the night before but i needed to go to sleep instead of blogging. =p

I got my results today.. and i deserve a TY bear teehee. ^^

I made cream puffs today~~ ^^ I got the choux pastry recipe here. Actually p-chan gave me a recipe before this but the site suddenly isn't working anymore... =.= I think the pastry recipe is really good but used store bought custard which isn't as thick and creamy as i thought it should be. So i found a custard cream recipe at allrecipes. Gonna try this next time.

Cream pufffssss~

Cream puff that looks like a duck. @_@

The cream puffs smell so nice. They're just beside me on a plate and the fragrant smell of pastry... i ate 3 already since it was on my table. Wish the custard tasted better though. =(

I'm crazy bout tetris now. it's a really great classic game. Yes, i'm using my DS to play tetris. hahaha.. I found other cool games for my DS. mwahh~ i love my DS.

Gonna go to melbourne after all. Hope i won't spend too much money. >.<


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