Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The intro of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi makes me feel like hugging someone.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Exams : done!

Finally done with exams. It's quite frustrating to have the last exam on the last day of the exam period. I'm not sure how well i did for the last 2 papers. Just hoping for the best. ^^

Heheheh.. So on the first day after exams, a outing is definitely needed. mwahaha..

I think lots of ppl are crazy about the new Transformers movie. But i think it's just alright. The first movie was better in terms of story line and the right amount of drama and action. LOL. But that's just my opinion. =p

Been craving for Koko Black for quite some time. Went to Koko Black after watching Transformers. :D

Finally drinking Koko Black's Iced Chocolate Mocha.

They changed the menu. ^^ looks nicer but they increased the price. =( hmph~!

Cch is happy coz we finally watch Transformers.

Wj is happy coz finally get to drink Koko Black stuff.

errr... Keith is always happy. LOL.

kita sangat gembira. LOL.

Most shops are closed at around 5. So nothing much to do before dinner. Hung around in Borders. Anyone noticed I'm kinda obsessed with bookstores??

Had thai food at Lemon Grass. ^^

Tom Yam Goong, Red curry, Green curry & some chicken stir fry. :D

i love prawnnnnssss!! huge right??

The food was not bad. ^^ I love thai food. Miss the thai restaurant in bw. AHHH buddy remember go eat before u go back! I think i love asian food - Japanese, Korean, Indian.. hahaha.. i miss Malay food! Craving for ayam kicap, kacang botol & sambal. T_T

And i saw this in borders. hehehe.. gotta take a photo.

This totally reminds me of Jack. @_@

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I should be making pancakes. >.< But i'm taking my time to get into the flow of things.

Ppl say that time moves very fast right? Yeah that's what i was thinking too. It's now the end of the semester and the 2nd semester is going to start in a bout a month. =(

But thinking back to the time when this semester just started, it felt like it was so long ago. Mingshern's b'day felt so long ago. it felt like years ago. LOL.

And Mingshern is now in msia enjoying the hawker food he loves. hahaha. i'm so envious. But i guess in a flash of time i'll be back in msia enjoying Penang food as well.

I'm going back on the 4thhhhh of dec. :p

Everyone help me find employment. T_T

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I want a pair of chucks.

this pair to be exact.

My pair of jack purcells hurt my feet. =( but i'm not giving up on chucks! >.<

Finally finished my 2nd exam which was maths which is supposed to be one of my strong suits... but unfortunately i didn't really feel confident after completing the exam. I could answer almost all the the questions but i'm not really confident i nailed it all down.

Been putting off cleaning my room for quite a bit... i should start cleaning. hehehe.. giving myself a day off and more excuses for not cleaning my room.. >.<

This post seem to not have any purpose. hahahah... except state the obvious ( i'm a slob ).

Friday, June 12, 2009


It's funny how a series of unrelated events could suddenly trigger a realization which connected the seemingly unrelated events.

I watched Jisatsu Saakuru (Suicide Club) yesterday. Multitasked while watching the whole thing. A lot of gore and the whole plot was weird. But anyhow, the main 'theme' i guess was: what is the connection between yourself? Are you connected to yourself? It seems weird. How does one answer such a question?

Tonight I was reading Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman and the short story i was reading is about human flesh eating cats. Was half way through when i realized something that jolted me.

I think the thing i fear most is disconnection, isolation. Isn't it terrifying to be unrelated to anyone in this world? Losing the connection to the only thing that's connected to you, isn't that like losing connection with the world?

Is this the theme of the movie? Is this what it means when the question : 'Are you connected to yourself?' is asked?

Well, it doesn't directly answer the question but it feels right somehow to me.

Being afraid of losing connection to the one dearest to you... isn't that what we all fear the most?




A very beautiful song from ayaka (bride of tendou aka mizushima hiro T__T ).

I really like this song a lot. From the first note she sang I fell in love with the song. Now I can't stop listening to it (and brainwashing encouraging others to love it. *wink*)

Hmmm.. seems i can't write much lately. =( Hopefully i get my knack for writing back soon.

Anyway, here's the translation of the song. Scroll down to the very end for it. ^^

Oh ya.. clickie on the title to download. >.<

Hope everyone enjoys the song. ^^

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

3 for 2

i got books from borders. ^^ Bee gave me a gift card for my b'day. *thanks bee!!!* So i finally used it. Bought 3 books for the price of 2~ hehehe.. damn happy. I think i bought the books that i really like to read. teehee~

unaccustomed earth, what i talk about when i talk about running & the boy in stripped pajamas

i bought the first book coz of the pink cover. <3 kidding.. =.=


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