Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yday i was thinking bout which book i should read after finishing Frankenstein. I bought this book quite awhile ago. Bought it the same time i bought my accounting textbook at the CO-OP. It was an international bestseller, so i guess it should be good.

I started reading it last night. First few pages contained a lot of words that i didn't know the meaning to. But i just continued reading hoping it'll get better.

3rd chapter has haiku. I had mix feelings. From the beginning, the mood i got from the writing was sort of like a post WWII kind of feeling. And suddenly manga was mentioned. So i realized the era that the book was set in is actually modern day France.

It jolted me. It made me see what was actually right in front of my eyes. From after high school till now, i've been struggling to understand and find the meaning of life. Thinking that simple things that make me happy, relationship with people, those are the things that matters and when things lik that start to crumble, i'm left with this empty feeling in my heart. Like i lost everything that i stood and lived for.

However, there isn't actually meaning in life. Life is routine and responsibility and doing 'what's right'. Maybe realizing this is the first step to being happy and satisfied with life. Realize that this is everything there is.

^^ i'm looking forward to continue reading the book tonight.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm finally blogging bout Fenner at Big Night Out a.k.a. battle of the bands. it's a yearly interhall event where the halls battle it out. ^^

dinner at wagamama

Honey bee had to be on duty at the fenner library so she missed out on the rest of the night. =(

When i first got there, the BnG band was playing. and i was thinking, omg i wasted 20 bucks to watch this crap. But luckily things got better real soon. ^^

Second band was the Bruce Hall band i think, it was great! but not as great as fenner's la.. :p

In the background is the Bruce Hall band i think.

The main reason i went is coz Josh is playing guitar for Fenner's band. Well, i wasn't disappointed. Fenner was great. Josh was great. and we WON. yay~~ ^^

Josh da man...

Shalynie, me and Weili.

me and weili~

near the front when fenner was playing.

The woodwind/brass trio were really entertaining. Never fails to crack me up with their funny/silly antics.

Favorite pic of the nightt~~ GIRLS NIGHT OUT! hahah..

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


snack of the day. ^^

math assignemnt. :(

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Autumn @ ANU

Took these photos a while ago. Went to the food fiesta before that, rather enjoyed that.

ANU is really pretty. :p

esther, weili & me!
in front of university maintenance building

a very pretty photo of weili!

me & esther chillaxing!

walking to 'class'. i promise to get thinner!

under a giant tree.
i really like this photo!!

a frosty evening..
This is where i pass everyday, well almost everyday if i don't skip classes. :p
In front of the engineering building. Wait for the winter series of photos.
SAKURAs will be ablooming. weee~~

Birthday post will come really soonnnnn... me promises. >.<

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Golden Key

Went to the Golden Key New Member Reception earlier today. Just gonna post up some photos. ^^ Might elaborate when i feel like it.

hc, me & wengjin. ^^ poor hc didn't get his cert that night. >.<

with Vice-Chancellor Ian Chubb.
He was the keynote speaker that night. An inspiring speech.

me & hc


a random photo of me looking distracted. hahaha!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So sien

A blog is not a blog without rantings bout how miserable life is. :p

I haven't been updating much. Haven't even updated bout my bday and Fenner @ Big Night Out. Will blog bout it soon.

There's so much thinking to do and so little time. >.< This is the last week of hectic-ness caused by stupid stat assignments. :(

Promise i will write more posts soon. ^^

Friday, May 08, 2009

To my bestie:

This week hasn't been a really great week for me. It started eventfully though. Thanks guys. You guys made my b'day such a happy and surprising day. ^^ Love you ppl! >.<

Anyway, i just wanted to write about a good friend of mine and i don't know if i ever told her or she knows how i feel.

We've been friends for really long. I think she was my first bestie, through all the kiddie times when we were crazy bout power rangers and she was crazy bout dogs (still is). I still have a scrapbook of her drawing of a dog. She's done so much for herself now. And i'm really proud of her. I'm sure she'll go far in life.

Our friendship has not been a bed of roses and i suspect it never will be. But every time, we survive through it.

No one is perfect. I think it's safe to say that both of us have quirks that tick each other off. We have fought countless times and both of us have flaws. One of them is being short-tempered. Yeah.. so it's a bad combination. So we do fight and it's usually quite big, the fights i mean. But in the end, we apologize to each other and are still good friends.

I think that's because we realize how important we are to each other and it's not worth giving it up for anything else.

We've been with each other through all the shit that life has thrown at us and we'll be through more shit. I love you Tsu. ^^

Sunday, May 03, 2009

In remembrance

me, huiling & Mr Leow

My high school chemistry teacher, Mr Leow passed away yesterday. I do not know how old he is. But i know he died of liver cancer. He found out during March and it's just the beginning of May that he died.

For my friends that are going to his funeral, pls pray on my behalf as well.

It was shocking and sad.

But like what MeeChea told me, he lived happily.. so that's enough. Yes, it was enough.

After i found out about his death, I started remembering all the classes we had and the things that we did and the things that happened.

Mr Leow was a big fan of sci-fi novels and he has a big collection of Isaac Asimov novels. He had this big box of books in the lab assistance's room. And he had very interesting views.

He said that pain was the only way to make people remember something deeply. The context was war.

There was once when we did an experiment mixing element 1 elements with water. It was quite funny. We were gathered around the basin when a big piece of lithium or natrium fell into the water and a huge puff of smoke was produced. But we were still standing there in awe until Mr Leow asked us to run for it. LOL.

The chemistry lab had this door connecting the lab with the lab assistant's room. And we called that door the David Copperfield door because of how Mr Leow would 'appear' and 'vanish' through the door without us realizing because we were too busy talking. Ironically Mr Leow's name was also David.

He retired when we were in form 5 which is 2005. i think we were the last batch of students he taught.

Mr Leow's retirement. He was a merry fellow.

and he loved singing. ^^ everyone should remember him for this trait of his.

There were so many things that he said, that i still remember. I really miss him.

Thank you for everything that you have taught us. You'll always be in our hearts.


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