Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tassie trip!

Went to Tasmania during the mid semester break. It was a good trip. :D really had lots of fun but not much rest though.

To Tzeyin and anyone else going to Tasmania, congrats!! u're going to a really cool and beautiful place.

Hobart city is really great city. note : city. Canberra is so dead and boring compared to Hobart. Streets with lots of shops and sales. i like. *wink* The whole place is like surrounded by beautiful beaches and clear dark blue seas. Yeah, normal right? considering it's a fucking island. But so is Penang but it's totally different.

We passed through many sheeps while driving. hahaha.. i wish i had a photo to show but i didn't take much photos during the trip except camwhore ones.

Just gonna show u the photos i like. [clikey for bigger photo].

Day 1: Mount Wellington

me & bee. i look funny here but need to show u the view!

another nice pic from mount wellington. hahah.. perfect chance to utilize sunnies. :p

group pic! i like the colour in this pic. :D

at a port i think...

Day 2: Eco cruise!

This is another highlight of the trip. We went on an eco cruise. it was really cool. i can't find the right words to make it sound cool though. Ride through rough waves and cold winds for 3 hours to look at beautiful rocks, wildlife and high seas.

It made me realize how powerful nature really is. Imagined how it was like being a pirate/sailor in stories like Sindbad and Narnia.

Got seasick as well.

beautiful rocks. :D

more rocks?

paradise on earth :D

proof that i was really there.

Day 3: Coles bay & Wineglass bay

The two bays are like opposites of each other, separated by mountainous areas. hahaha.. this again is another assumption based on observation. i'm not gonna be a good tour guide coz i keep exaggerating things. teehee!

i think this is the place with the most pictures. it was raining in the morning. i was thinking : crap, that's it. :( it was a hike to get from Coles bay to Wineglass bay. and after a 2.5-3 hours drive, it was disappointing. But soon after breakfast, the rain cleared. ^^

at coles bay. kamen yaiba~!

nice group pic. ^^

on the hike to wineglass bay. this is the wineglass bay lookout.

at wineglass bay!

caught! one of the highlights of this trip was patting kangaroos and wallabies.

another group pic but only with the Canberra group.

Last day: Royal Botanical Garden

And finally...
Thanks to our dashing drivers. :D

Weekee, you really cute la...


our dearest lulu.


Mr navigator: GPS-san!

had a really great time. ^^ anticipating our trip to nz... weeee~~~

Mission #1.

Was supposed to shower then watch a Utada Hikaru concert video. but talked to MC on msn and created this blog.

Today is my ex-roomie's b'day but i totally forgot until i saw someone wish her on facebook. yes i'm horrible. But it's the holidays and i can't differentiate one day from another. no excuse though. Glad i still manage to wish her though. ^^

Happy Birthday Woantyng!!

here's some old photos to commemorate it. hahaha.. :D

as i was looking for photos, i couldn't find some of the photos i remembered taking. i guess like memories and friendship, it gets lost under newer things.

some of these photos are really old. we didn't even take much photos recently i think. Woantyng, thanks for being my friend for such a long time. i wish we could still be as close as we used to in high school and college. But people just cease to be close because of time and distance and also new commitments. But u'll always be in my heart Woantyng.

And looking at the photos, if u didn't know us since high school u'd be shocked rite?? hahahah.. we've changed. :D

the only thing that's permanent is change. ;p

i guess i'm just gonna start a new post and talk bout the trip to Tassie i guess.


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