Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Received Val Day pressies yesterday. Not feeling very wordy at the moment. At Singapore waiting for my transit to Sydney.

Anyway, a picture tells a thousand words as they say.

My purple owl from Huiling! ^.^ Extremely touched! Thanks Huiling! love it a lot. 

And my specially tailored AntiStress Kit from Tsu! I took everything back with me except the choco bar. ^.^ 
Can't wait to take my 'Pills'. 

Anyway.. Happy Days ahead to everyone! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Val Day

Woke up and my mum was eagerly telling me there's a chubby puppy outside with the black puppy that started showing up a few days ago. Didn't even get to go to the toilet first! But the puppies were really cute. The black puppy was excitely playing with the chubby puppy.

Got some photographic evidence.

Made cheesecake last week: Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake

It was my first time trying to bake a cheesecake in a water bath. It's supposed to prevent cracking and keep the temperature in the oven even. But after chilling for a few hours, the cheesecake still didn't set properly. I've checked the baking instructions and I've baked it long enough.

I've just found this: How to make the Perfect Cheesecake. Because of the water bath, it seems like the temperature can't go higher than 100 degrees Celcius whereas my baking instructions says 180 degrees for 45 minutes. :( fail!

But to defend myself.... it still tasted good though!! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

PS: I wanna hear romantic/date stories!! 

Friday, February 04, 2011

Had our reunion steamboat a few days before Chinese New Year before everyone started getting busy and started leaving.

Preparations were pretty last minute. But it was because we thought it was best to buy the things just before we went to Jenny's house. I didn't have much space in the fridge the day before because my mum was occupying 100% of the fridge.

So the 3 of us went to Econsave to buy the ingredients. I was shocked to find that the Wombok and Golden Mushrooms are no longer there! I went to Econsave the day before to make a survey and both were in abundance. I guess you shouldn't try to mess with housewives before CNY. Best to stock up on both before it's too near the big day.

This is our soup base! Added chicken stock cubes, dried scallops, half of a cabbage, red dates, wolfberries and mushrooms. I think everyone would agree that it was delicious!

Then we cleaned and put the fish balls and other things onto plates. ^.^ Thanks a lot to Jenny's mum who helped us prepare when we snucked out to Carrefour to get golden mushrooms and 100 plus. 

Kelvin, Jenny's brother joined us for dinner. Haha.. no free meals in this world. Of course he had to work for it. He was the bartender of the day! 


 What do girls do when they get together in groups? Camwhore of course!! Here are just some of the photos we took.

Bee looks lovely as usual. ^.^

Huiling, Lihfong and Woantyng!

Janice joined us later because she got caught up at work. ^.^ 

Group photo taken by Kelvin with Jenn's mum in the background. 
Jenny has the sweetest dog ever: Lucky! He is the cutest sweetest old dog in the world. Love him to bits.

Two of my favourite cuties~ 

Jenny forcing Lucky to diet to fit into this. >.< 
There were 9 of us and we couldn't finish this! But we almost finished 6 pieces of maggi mee! I shouldn't say we coz I didn't eat any of it. lol. Even my mum was shocked that the instant noodles left wasn't that much.

Love you guys! Hope we can have more reunions! Really had a good time. Muacks! 


Finally got photos out from my camera. Just a tiny bit late. =D This was a short outing with Jenny and Huiling. We went to the pasar malam at night and I bought nice hair accessories! 

Waiting for Jenny outside the jetty and saw this 'poster'. Was informed by Tsu that it was made by KaKi Creative. Good job! I really like it. It's cute. ^.^ 

My feeble attempt to try to photograph a mosque from inside Jenny's car. 

Jenny's car accessory~ 

View from 1st Avenue's parking space. 


Old style Kopitiam. 


Huiling and Sharon! 

Jenny in the background. >.< 

The Abyss

Had a field time reminiscing about the drama team I was in in 2004 on the trip home from Alor Setar. I have always had a pleasant memory of the times we had. Somehow this time I could remember the more unpleasant aspect of the experience.

Disappointment, betrayal, being doubted, abandonment, rotten politics. It seems so fresh in my mind. It almost overshadowed the happier times we had together.

The drama team was never about all that. About getting to the top or doing anything it takes to win. I have always felt it was about a group of friends who had something to do after school (and a reason to skip classes!) and working together towards a goal. The times we shared practising, making props and most importantly eating (I think I put on a lot of weight that year thanks to the countless nasi lemak breaks and KFC trips)! Those were the good times.

I still remember the bus trips we made. This was before any of us had driving licences. The beginning, where it all started. We bought material for the costumes for the more eccentric characters, spray paint and other props. And we camped at my house shredding cloth to make the costumes for the witch, cat and the dark elements (I forgot what they were called already. hahaha.. I think it's Weileng and Etyng's characters).

I still remembered how I got the idea to include a witch into the story. It was during the prefect marching practice. I just had this idea and the script started to get better from there. We had a bland story about love between father and daughter before that. It gave us a lot of room for more creativity. The spells and also more extravagant props.

I am really glad that we managed to advanced to nationals. It gave us more time to spend with each other, practising and working hard. Through all those times, we became fast friends. Now, we seem to have drifted apart. Some of us still keep in touch with each other and that's what matters I believe.

It's impossible I guess to keep all the friends you have had from before. Still, I am happy for all the times we have had. I hope the memories will remain happy and not corrupted by some of the sadder aspects of the drama team.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year to whoever still comes to check out my blog! Hope happiness and luck will be abundant this year.

  n  n

This year for me is truly a beginning to a new chapter of my life: old age. lol. I hope to make the best of it and hope I'll be making money and affording things that I would like to buy. And not to forget have more time for charity and giving more love and understanding to everyone.

A happy and cheerful bus driver really makes a difference to a person's day. Just being nice and civil to someone can make the day seem a little better. So, this bunny year, smile more and bring a change to the world by being more cheerful!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ipoh road trip

Went on a one day road trip with Jenn, Huiling and Irene when I first got back. =^.^= my wish to go to Ipoh for food came true! Thanks guys!

We drove to Ipoh in Jenny's trusty Kelisa. First stop of the day was Purple Cane Tea House. We were starving when we arrived. Thanks to google maps being only 90% accurate.

As there were only 4 of us, we didn't order much as it was supposed to be a foodie trip but it turned out differently in the end.

Noodles that tasted good. =) 

Sweet potato balls! Really wish there are easily available in Penang 

Avoid this. >.<
The tea house had really nice interior design. Good place to camwhore. =D

Then we went shopping! It was the highlight of the trip. >.< Got some good deals at the shopping centre. Can't recall the name though. 

Did some touristy stuff after that. Bought the salty herbal chicken and had bean sprout chicken rice without the bean sprout. 

Fish and meat balls we had for lunch~ 
Then we went to a bakery nearby to get kaya puffs and salted egg pastry.

Shopping, instead of food became the highlight of this trip but nobody's complaining, especially not me. Went to this other mall that had Jusco. It was Jusco card member day and there were tonnes of people. Ipoh residents show their extraordinary ability to park at places you never thought you could leave your car. Ipoh drivers are really something different. *wink wink* 

Last stop of the day was Strawberry Moments. Verdict is: Overrated. The interior of the shop and the presentation was really really good. Even the food looks good. But in terms of taste, wasn't that impressive. Good if you want to go somewhere with good ambiance and to take photos. The food is just so-so.

Strawberry Struddle

Chocolate Cake 

Some strawberry drink
Drove back to Butterworth after that. It was a really great trip. ^.^ I think all of us had lots of fun and it wasn't too expensive too. 

Hopefully our Melaka trip will happen. 

PS: photos are taken by Jenny and Irene with their iPhone 4s! 


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